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About Seaside Homes

Our Vision

To create opportunities and build communities

Our Mission

To provide good-quality, safe and stable accommodation as a cornerstone for people to achieve their potential.

Who we are

Brighton & Hove Seaside Community Homes (more commonly known as Seaside) is an independent, not-for-profit registered charity that is based in and operates within Brighton & Hove. Seaside raises commercial finance to lease and refurbish empty properties in the city.

The properties are subsequently turned into good quality homes and let at sub-market rents to people in housing need who are owed a statutory housing duty. Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) has 100% nomination rights to our properties. Nominations are accepted without the need for deposits, rent in advance or the need for potential tenants to be employed.

Seaside’s Business model has several benefits for the city:

  • Provides increased investment in social housing without the need for public subsidy or prudential borrowing
  • Any cash surpluses produced by Seaside’s model are re-invested in Brighton & Hove; not other areas of the country
  • All Seaside homes are good quality self-contained accommodation which reduces the need to use Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
  • All our accommodation is situated within Brighton & Hove meaning households housed by the council do not have to move outside the city thereby disrupting work, schooling and support networks


  • Anticipation -we are forward looking and seek to shape the future
  • Relationships -we build partnerships and recognise collaboration as a key to success
  • Openness -we are intellectually curious and open to new ideas
  • Challenge -we refuse to accept the status quo or to be constrained by current thinking
  • Creativity -we seek to release the creativity of all colleagues in the organisation
  • Progression -we focus our efforts in the direction of our vision
  • Results -we concentrate on getting the job done and making a difference
  • Excellence -we continually strive to improve and to be the best at what we do

Strategic Aims

  • To raise finance on a commercial basis to purchase leases on empty homes
  • To refurbish the leased empty homes and bring them back into use at Decent Homes Standards
  • To bring in additional investment to improve Council homes in the City and assist in meeting Decent Homes Standards
  • To provide accommodation for people owed a statutory housing duty
  • To strengthen our organisational capacity and infrastructure.