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Gardening Scheme

Seaside Homes offers a Gardening Scheme to provide a little help to those tenants with private gardens.

Although it is your responsibility to maintain your garden, Seaside Homes appreciates that this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. This may be your first garden and you lack the tools required or you may struggle to maintain the garden due to ill health or frailty.

To help you maintain and enjoy your garden, we are pleased to offer the following options:

Option 1 – Starter Set of Gardening Tools

(open to all tenants)

This option is for tenants who are able to do their own garden works or have a friend or family member who can do it for them.

A basic set of gardening tools will be gifted to you by Seaside Homes to help you maintain your garden (subject to the needs of your garden). As a gift, these tools will become your property and will not be replaced by Seaside should they be broken.

Seaside Homes will not purchase or gift power tools under any circumstances.

Option 2 – Gardening Assistance

(only open to those particularly disadvantaged through disability or frailty)

All applications via this option will be decided on a case by case basis dependent on individual requests and circumstances.

Please note, that this option is designed to assist those whose circumstances prevent them from keeping their garden in a managable condition, who live alone and have no friends or family in the Brighton area who can carry out works for them.

Seaside Homes will not provide regular maintenance under this scheme.

Who can apply?

  • The Garden Help Scheme is available to all Seaside Homes tenants, except for those who have indicated their intention to quit the property or are involved in court proceedings with Seaside Homes where judgement has not yet been determined.
  • Only one application can be made per tenancy unless circumstances have changed significantly. (Any subsequent application will be subject to Seaside Homes approval)
  • All applications will be dealt with in order of receipt until the annual budget has been spent or allocated, unless in exceptional circumstances

How to Apply

If you are interested in this scheme, please complete the contact form opposite.

Upon receipt of your application our Tenant Engagement Officer will contact you as soon as they are able, to take you through a short application form.

A site visit may then be arranged, if necessary in order to complete the application process.

Each application will be considered on it’s own merits taking into account your personal circumstances, the size of your garden and the assistance you are requesting.