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Pelican Parcels take pre-loved and new item donations for babies and children up to age 12, and redistribute them to families facing financial hardship. Parcels can include cots, clothes, toys, books, play mats, prams and more!

Seaside Homes is now an accepted referral partner with Pelican Parcels, meaning we can help you access this support.

One Seaside Homes tenant who recently received a Pelican Parcel had this to say:

“I would like to firstly thank you your the delivery yesterday we wasn’t expecting the amazing things we got given. We are so grateful for your help! The progress of everything was very quick and easy and in such good condition. I love the quality of everything and how well everything is put together and packed well, all the things are so useful and nothing will go to waste! Lovely service.”

If you have children under the age of 12 or are expecting a child soon, and you would like to receive a free Pelican Parcel, please contact us on 01273 732061 or email, or fill in the form below.