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Tenant Recommendations

All Seaside Homes tenants were invited to an all-day, face-to-face, tenant event on 29th August 2023 to create a report of recommendations on Seaside’s communications. Nine tenants attended and it was an energetic day full of lively discussions and fantastic insights. 

You can read the Tenant Report of recommendations here.

Seaside Homes have created an Action Plan in response to the Tenant Report, detailing which recommendations we will be putting into action, and setting ourselves timeframes and deadlines to get these done.

The Tenant Report was presented to Seaside’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday 22nd November 2023, and a tenant who attended the event came to the Board meeting to support the presentation of the Report and answer questions from the Board. This really helped to bring the Report to life for the Board members and we’d like to give this tenant a special shout out and thank you!

The Board then reviewed the Action Plan proposed in response to the Tenant Report, and approved the Action Plan.

You can read the Action Plan here.

Action Plan

Seaside are pleased to report that we have agreed the vast majority of the recommendations made by tenants.

We agreed to commitments to maintain several different methods of communications to ensure that people are not excluded. We agreed to a lot of actions that we have been able to put in place already, such as:

  • Stop using the term “Scrutiny” and use alternatives. We have started using the term Tenant Report and Tenant Recommendations, and we will be seeking your feedback on these terms.
  • Identify the sender in every SMS sent by beginning the message with “SEASIDE”
  • Begin SMS with “Hi Seaside tenant” so that tenants know it’s relevant to them.
  • Focus on including all info in SMS rather than just a link to a website. Provide a phone number for more information.
  • Check links are working before sending via SMS.
  • Make Seaside Homes Facebook Page followers private.
  • Set up automatic confirmation emails when tenants submit an online form via our website.
  • Run a competition in Seaside News for a tenant to design the new Front Page of the Tenant Handbook.

We have also committed to more actions and set ourselves timeframes to complete these. You can read these under “Planned Actions”. There were also a handful or recommendations we have not been able to commit to and we have explained these in full in our Action Plan.

We are very grateful for the time and thought that the involved tenants put into their recommendations and we feel that this has been a great way to explore improvements and progress in how we communicate!

We will be holding more events in the future where tenants can look closely at a particularly area of our service delivery and make a set of recommendations. If you are interested, or have any thoughts on this Report and Action Plan, please contact us on 01273 732061 or

Planned Actions

Where a tenant has texted Seaside to confirm they are attending an event, Seaside will text back to confirm receipt
Make the Seaside Homes office hours clearer on the website
Post out a flyer to all existing tenants about Decorating, Gardening and New Possibilities Schemes
Send link to updated Tenant Handbook to all long-term tenants with offer of Hard Copy
Raise awareness of the website and Facebook page to tenants
Raise awareness of the Decorating, Gardening and New Possibilities Schemes.
Include a flyer in the Welcome Pack about the Decorating, Gardening, and New Possibilities Schemes
Raise awareness of the Decorating, Gardening and New Possibilities Schemes.
Make all agreed updates to the Tenant Handbook
Include tenant contributed gardening ideas in Seaside News
Include more information about local services in Seaside News
Send one edition of Seaside News to all tenants by post
Improve how the online version of Seaside News is displayed on the website