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Get involved to have your say

All Seaside tenants are invited to attend our quarterly Tenant Panel meetings. At the July meeting we will be discussing what Seaside Homes offer tenants through our Tenant Engagement Schemes.

New Possibilities

We offer up to £250 per application for events, hobbies, training and more. But we get very few applications! Let's discuss and find out what's stopping tenants from using this scheme.


We publish a quarterly newsletter but very few tenants get involved with writing and entering the competitions. How can we improve?


We offer a SMS texting service. Is this working well? How could we make this better?


Is our website useful and easy to use? Do we communicate with you enough or too much? Does our Facebook page share helpful info?

Annual Report

What do you want to see in our Annual Report? How do you want the information to be presented?

Do you need any support to attend the meeting?